About me

Hi everyone, my name is Claire Kindsvater. I’m a freshman human biology major, and I would like to become a physician’s assistant in the airforce once I graduate. I’m from Winston Salem, NC (about an hour 40 from Raleigh). I am the middle child with an older sister that is a Junior at the University of South Carolina and a younger sister that is a sophomore in high school. My dog’s name is Charlie, and she is the absolute best. Here at NC State, I have joined Kappa Delta sorority, the pre-med club, and I am looking to join some more clubs (so if you have any suggestions please let me know)! I love to be around people, and I have really enjoyed college becauseĀ of the fact that I can constantly have company. I love to travel, and over this past summer, I went to Europe with my family to move my older sister into her new home in the Netherlands for a semester of studying abroad. I have also traveled to Panama, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the Bahamas, and Canada. I was born in Winston Salem but moved to Birmingham, Alabama when I was going into the first grade, and lived there until sixth grade when I moved back to Winston Salem on the same street I had lived on before! Throughout grade school, I played soccer, volleyball, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, and tennis, but my main sport was volleyball. My friends are another aspect of my life that are very important to me, and I was lucky enough to find a great group in high school that I plan to stay in touch with throughout the rest of my life. Overall, I would say that I am pretty friendly and I would love to meet as many people as I can!