The Notre Dame in flames

Throughout this article on CNN, there are many rhetorical choices made based off of the subject being acknowledged. Though there may be a few cases where people are happy about this happening, the majority of the world is devastated and in awe about this tragic event. The article has a quite somber tone, maintaining the nature of the event. She refers to the Notre Dame as the “Beloved landmark in the heart of Paris,” a “Gothic structure towering over the river,” and a “historic cathedral” to display the importance of the Notre Dame, as well as the fact that she, as an American Journalist, still sees the Notre Dame, a famous landmark, in such high regards. The article also uses phrases such as “engulfed in flames,” “anguish and disbelief,” “gaze helplessly at the unthinkable,” “church succumbed to flames and billowing clouds of smoke,” and “horrible tragedy.” These phrases are all so notable in the way that they make the article reflect the tragic event. The tone she uses relays the horrific event very well, and as the audience reads the article, they feel sad and moved as if they were watching the Notre Dame in flames on the roads beside the River Seine. The logic she used is very compelling, as it has such a somber tone with the logistical side with it. She interviews people about the event and refers to the cathedral in ways that show how old and meaningful it is the people not just in France, but all over the world. Devastating events such as this one prove that during a crisis, the world can come together despite any political disputes.