Advice for incoming NC State students

  1. Do homework in the lib and Talley, you can meet people this way and it can help you focus/make you work harder and longer
  2. Tests are worth a lot more than they were in high school. Start studying before the night before the test
  3. Take advantage of Carmichael and the workout classes. You’re so close to them on campus
  4. Skip classes when you need to, don’t feel bad
  5. Learn your best study method and do that
  6. Make use of the whiteboard tables! they’re great
  7. Make study groups, even if you don’t know the people well
  8. Bring your laptop and a charger everywhere
  9. know that no one cares/is worrying about what you’re doing. and if they are, you don’t want to care about their opinion
  10. Pet a dog every time you see one. Every time.
  11. Work ahead for ENG 101 and find good peer review partners, they can help you a lot

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