Social Media Blog Post

This is a post I put on Facebook in January aimed towards my parents. I included a picture with both of them and captioned it “Wanted to give a quick thank you to the best parents I could have asked for. They give so much and deserve the world. I have so much love for the two of you.” I wanted this post to be a more public display of how much my parents mean to me, rather than just a simple text to the two of them. My reasoning was that posting it would show more affection and make a bigger impact of them since I often text them things like “I love you”. On top of this, the fact that it is public and many people can see it, like it, and comment on it was another factor that went into posting it. I felt that with people doing those things, it would make my parents feel even more special because they would see how many people agreed with me and also cared for them. All of my facebook friends are people I know, and they most likely know (or know about) my parents. Because of this, it makes the post more personal rather than a tweet or something that I personally feel is not as personal or sincere. What the “audience” did not know was that I was having a really tough week, and my parents were the ones that helped get me through it. This was also part of my reasoning for posting it, and that little part of the reasoning almost makes the post seem more personal between the three of us because my followers were left out of that factor.