Reflection on the natural science paper

While writing my popular adaptation for the natural science paper, I learned a couple of things about myself and my writing. My previous thoughts about research papers were confirmed, as I have a tough time writing them as well as enjoying the process of writing them. I typically enjoy writing creatively rather than analyzing research papers or experiments. I had trouble finding a source for my popular adaptation that I understood well enough to annotate and that was about the subject I wanted to write about. Once I found the source that I wanted to use, I tried multiple techniques for simplifying the paper into a popular adaptation. I learned that reading through the scientific article and highlighting the things I wanted to include in my paper was helpful. This way I could understand the article more easily by breaking it down into the important points. After doing that, I would reword the phrases I had highlighted to include in my paper. The easiest part of the paper for me was the author’s note. This was easy for me because it was just a reflection on the paper I had written and it was easy to point out the things I had changed. Because I had not written a research paper in years, this was helpful to refresh the tactics and steps in writing a research paper. It was also helpful to learn the right format and style. I usually write in a five-paragraph layout, but through this paper, I learned the other options as well as why I should not always write in that style all the time. Overall, this assignment was not my favorite although it was very helpful.